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Asatru PHP is a lightweight web application framework for PHP applications. It provides you with the most important features to start your application. Be it eloquent ORM queries, view templating engine, validators and other security measurements or .env configuration - Asatru PHP grants you these features as well as focusing on the MVC design pattern. Also the framework comes with a CLI tool which can help you to automatically create base code structures for controllers, models, modules, languages, validators, tests and much more. If you want to support the project then please visit the GitHub page and report any bugs and suggestions there. Have fun with the framework!
composer create-project danielbrendel/asatru-php
Asatru PHP welcome screen

MVC design pattern

Develop your applications using the MVC design pattern using models, views and controllers

Business and DB logic

Separate your logic for DB interfaces and business by using models and modules

ORM queries

Most common database access queries can be performed by the internal ORM. Raw queries are possible, too.


Migration management for managing your database tables

View template language

Use the internal template language for faster and more convenient view implementations


The framework is ready for request validation, SQL injection prevention and is shielded against XSS and CSRF attacks.


The framework supports localization for multi-language applications out of the box

CLI tool

Run common tasks via the CLI tool for faster application development

And many more

Logging, Caching, Mailing and many more features are available and more to come

Iceland favored by the Asatru
The goal was it to be suited for rapid development and easy to use
Daniel Brendel, founder and developer
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