CLI tool

Asatru PHP comes with a handy CLI interface which allows you to perform some operations.

Just open your prefered terminal and cd to the directory of your project. Then run the command „php asatru“ to get a list of commands.

The following commands exist:

Displays the help text

php asatru help

Creates a model and migration file where name is the name of the model and table is the associated table of the database

php asatru make:model <name> <database_table_name>

Creates a new module that is dedicated to your business logic

php asatru make:module <name>

Creates a new controller

php asatru make:controller <name>

Creates a new language folder structure with an app.php

php asatru make:language <locale>

Creates a new validator with the given name and the associated validator ident

php asatru make:validator <name> <ident>

Creates a model and migration used for authentication

php asatru make:auth

Creates a model and migration used for caching

php asatru make:cache

Creates a new test case with the given name

php asatru make:test <name>

Creates a fresh migration of your database. Warning: This will erase all previously inserted data, so please be careful.

php asatru migrate:fresh

This will only run the newly created migrations

php asatru migrate:list

This drops all migrations

php asatru migrate:drop

Starts a development server. If port is not provided it uses the port 8000

php asatru serve <opt:port>


The CLI interface is only available in debug mode.

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