On certain occassions you may want to raise an event and thus perform specific tasks for that event. You can do that with the inbuilt event functionality.

First go to /app/events and create a new file with a given name (for example ExampleEventHandler). The content will be as follows:


class ExampleEventHandler {
    public function handle($data = null)
        //Do something here

The class name must match the PHP script file name. Of course you can add multiple methods for different events of a specific topic.

Next step is to add the handler to the list of events. Therefore open the /app/config/events.php file and add the handler:


return [
    'event_name' => 'ExampleEventHandler@handle'

You can now fire the event whenever you want using the event function:

event('event_name', [
    'some_variable' => 'some value'
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